India to become China–and I am MAD

Censorship in India
Censorship in India will only create more resistance

To be frank, I did not take the issue of censorship of Internet by indian government too seriously. I like many other naïve users thought this is impossible, it cannot be done and it may not succeed but by each passing day i read news and interviews and opinions and it becomes imminent to me that the danger is real

So let me first declare which side I am on

They want to censor our internet and I am MAD

And let me tell you why I am MAD. I am MAD because I see my country becoming the next china or north Korea. History is witness that all totalitarian regimes and all dictators control people by controlling information. The government is trying exactly this.And to what result?

Are they planning to declare emergency? Maybe , who knows. They want to install Rahul Gandhi as the new PM and going by the current mood of india ,he may not be able to follow his ”  Family lineage ” .What easier way than to impose emergency,control what people know and get their will.Oh yes its all hypothetical, but not impossible

I am MAD because they plan to ban websites based on what they FEEL is offensive. What they FEEL will hurt the religious sentiments. It’s a very shady way of using religion as a tool

I am MAD because they are planning to Ban stuff which pokes even a little fun of the politician class. Since when did they get so touchy?

They recently banned a website called because one Police office felt that this website was offensive.

And how they did it, they simply called up the hosting company that hosted the site and BigRock folks simply removed the website without any fuss. Seriously?

No hearing, no debates not even a chance to talk.Is that the country I am living in?

So here it goes, if I post anything on my blog that is remotely offensive to any politician,such as if I post about “Did you know Rahul Gandhi was arrested at boston airport and has till now not told people why”, they can Ban my website and maybe jail me.You may think that I am overreacting, I pray you are right.

I live in a country where porn sites are not blocked but cartoonsagaisntcorruption is

Oh and for the crusaders of protecting people online etc etc. Here is the thing

If I feel , you can say anything against you ,and maybe you do say it and it is deeply offensive what do you want me to do?

a. Drag you to court. get you punished,seek apology

b. Cut off your tongue?

Internet is probably the only democratic medium left in the world where ideas can float freely,twitter and Facebook are the sites responsible for movements like Egypt and Anna Hazare’s Jan lokpal.A government gag order on internet under the guise of religious sentiments is not only bad, but a sure sign that our country is going to go down.

Top it all, they want to prescreen content on every site. IE if you post a status update on Facebook, a Facebook employee will approve it as per the “Offensive manual” provided by people like kapil sibbal . And if it does not meet the standards ,you can be jailed.

They want to prevent me accesing sites they dont like, they want to ban Google from showing them to me. They want to create a cocoon of information

They say that anything that can evoke violence can be blocked, that is exactly the reason why they tried to arrest Anna hazare. If this starts happening, sites like India against corruption ,many NGO sites ,facebook,google and twitter could be banned .

Forget about the innumerable blogs like mine that would vanish overnight

Maybe the only comments visible on internet after that would be the ones boot licking the family, you know which one

They sure know how internet works, god bless internet

Now is the time to speak up, speak up before you are not allowed to speak up.

Here is what I would ask all interested people to do

1. Shift your blogs away from Indian Hosts especially ones like they don’t have any backbone

2. Blog about it, we need to spread the word

3.Tweet it #internetcensorshipindia

As per me this is one of the biggest threat to our democracy at the moment . Stop it ,else be ready to live under a country like Chin and north Korea

I wish this is an over reaction , I wish this does not happen. They need to stop and stop right Now.

I am Mad, are you?

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7 thoughts on “India to become China–and I am MAD

  1. Yes .. I am mad.

    I have been mad since the day the bootlicking politicians have started thinking of controlling the most unbiased source of information..

    We need to fight back for our rights..

    Right to free speech
    Right to information

    They can’t speak of implementing right to information while baricading the largest source of information.

    We aren’t dumb. We can decide what’s good for us and what’s not. We do not wish to be bombarded with govt approved info.

    It’s a free country, and we intend to keep it that way.

  2. I am mad too. This is the beginning of the internet war for freedom of speech. The web has evolved to its present state without undue regulation, but there are aspects of the web that need to be addressed. Hate is a crime, and having a free internet should not translate into an endorsement of hate. The same applies to exploitation. How these can be tackled without trampling on the freedom of those who simply disagree with what the powers that be is a complex question. The answers will probably evolve with time. It is also likely that freedom of speech sees darker days before a solution emerges that is acceptable to all.

    1. You are very right subho.
      I fear teh darker days, but who knows they might be here soon. Only when oppression passes a certain limit do the masses arise

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